Seventy years of American invulnerability to existential threats is coming to an end and Civilian and Military leaders will have to adapt.

OTH Podcast 4: Exploring Cognitive Warfare

In OTH’s fourth podcast we examine the concept of cognitive warfare and what it means for the future security environment.

Bridging Startup and Military Cyber Cultures Part III: Adapting Cybersecurity Architects

The military does not create cyber culture, because it is not solely a military occupation.
By John Myers

Bridging Startup and Military Cyber Cultures Part II: Key Differences in Building a Cyber Force and Architecting Security

This initial cyber cadre will eventually recruit, train, and grow more junior personnel as the program expands.
By John Myers

Getting off the Bench: Challenges to Integrating Cyber into Multi-Domain Operations

Utilizing cyberspace as a warfighting domain is still, however, in its infancy. It must evolve similar to how the utilization of the air domain evolved during the 20th century
By Joed Carbonell

Bridging Startup and Military Cyber Cultures Part I: A Startup Chief Technical Officer Reflects on his Military Roots

The military cyber community lacks a solid culture to set the tone and expectations for how fusing cyber and kinetic operations should be conducted, central to enabling effective multi-domain operations.
By John Myers

DROP ZONE: A Cultural Crossroads: Shaping Military Cyber Operations Culture

Organizational culture is central to how a group performs … or fails to. It sets group norms, expectations, and values that shape and focus individual

The Problem with “Airpower”

The United States Air Force’s definition of airpower is merely a description of all Air Force activities and is incorrect.
By Tom Flounders

Winning Tomorrow’s War Today: A Cyber Revolution in Personnel Management

Cyberspace is the key terrain of the present RMA because it connects the domains together, creating an integrated layer of joint-force effectiveness
By Brian Viola, Erica L. Fountain, and Michael C. Williams

Building an Effective Cyber Force

An important lesson airpower’s evolution of thought regarding who is fit to fly aircraft can be applied to the cyberspace operations career field: the uniformed cyberspace operator does not necessarily have to be a computational genius.
By Katrina Schweiker