DROP ZONE: OTH Anniversary Series

Over the Horizon is approaching the first anniversary of its January 2017 inception and it’s time to celebrate! By bringing together disparate, often competing, perspectives,


Protected by two oceans, the United States enjoys the most defensible real estate in the world. Additionally, if the rest of the world floated their


OTH takes a deeper look at some challenges and rhetoric surrounding “5th Generation Warfare.”

DROP ZONE: OTH Interviews with Lt Gen Steven Kwast, AETC Commander, and Gene Kranz, Apollo 13 mission commander

OTH Interviews with Lt Gen Steven Kwast, AETC Commander, and Gene Kranz, Apollo 13 mission commander

DROP ZONE: Commemorating Veterans and Remembrance Day

In commemoration of Veterans Day and Remembrance Day we offer the speech delivered by John F. Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetery on this day in 1961.

DROP ZONE: Success in Multi-Domain Battle relies on Mission Command

As the future battlefield continues to be debated, a topic of conversation is the role of Mission Command in Multi-Domain Battle.

Drop Zone: Human Domain Series

This year, Over the Horizon will present a series of articles related to the Human Domain to promote conversation about this critical, but often ignored, domain.

Drop Zone: OTH Interview with Lt Gen David Deptula, USAF (Ret.)

In a candid interview, retired Lt Gen David Deptula, shares his perspective on current and future challenges for USAF leaders and the Joint Force.

Drop Zone: Modernizing ISR C2

The forthcoming series of articles explores a future ISR C2 realm centered on multi-domain speed, agility, and flexibility enabled by a multi-domain maneuver concept of operations.

DROP ZONE: The Future of Contested Teaming Operations

This article starts a series discussing how to develop, train, and employ unmanned platforms in future aerial combat.

Drop Zone: Reconsidering Risk in National Security

International security is a high-stakes competition in which risk is a central and constant factor. The changes taking place across the broad competition-space are simultaneously

Drop Zone: What’s in a Name? Redefining Drones in the Professional Lexicon

Even though the originators of the drone did not envision the use of pilots to remotely control them the way we do today, there is a need to reshape the debate due to current rhetoric surrounding their use. The DoD and various intellectual leaders in policy and academia need to provide more nuance in what drones actually do in war and in non-war operations.

DROP ZONE: Restoring a Sacred Promise

The heroic reputation of Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) Airmen is well earned and well known. At some point, however, even the most august group of warriors become limited when the tools and concepts they employ are no longer adequate to the new challenges of an evolving multi-domain battlespace.

DROP ZONE: The Combat Cloud and Multinational Partnerships

Next week, OTH will postulate why combat cloud has to be built as a coalition system, as well as probe how this new MDC2 system may apply across the range of military operations, while protecting information security from increasingly capable cyber threats.

DROP ZONE: The Future Air Force

Next week, Over the Horizon will offer two posts that seek to guide leaders in developing strategy and culture within a domain.

DROP ZONE: The Human Domain

Multiple dilemmas are not merely to place an adversary at risk, but also to force a specific set of decisions by enemy leaders. The US must outmaneuver our adversaries in the human domain.

DROP ZONE: Logistics in Multi-Domain Operations

Over the Horizon is excited to announce a series of collaborations with experts from partner nations!

DROP ZONE: Why Multi-Domain Operations?

War in the age of technological integration and globalization has eliminated the right of weapons to label war and, with regard to the new starting

DROP ZONE: Decision Making

Innovation continues the quest to provide more perfect information and decrease the risk of making an incorrect decision.

DROP ZONE: Multi-Domain C2

Next week, OTH looks at multi-domain command and control as well as how energy can be leverage as an instrument of national power.

DROP ZONE: Joint Command and Control

Our Services need to mature and lead the drive to Jointness, both across the DOD and the complex American alliance system

Drop Zone: Multi-Domain Operations and the Joint Force

During the next two weeks, OTH will offer several articles to discuss the overall mindset and scope of multi-domain operations.

DROP ZONE: Climate Change and the Impact on Operations

Next week in “Climate Change, Multi-Domain Risk, and the Complexity of Interagency Science Policy” OTH Senior Editor Mark Nexon interviews Dr. April Melvin.

DROPZONE: How Does the Air Force See Multi-Domain Operations?

A new concept, one the Army in particular is meaningfully exploring, is quickly coming into vogue in the Pentagon. Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) looks to combine

DROP ZONE: Looking Backwards in Order to Look Forwards

History may not easily divulge its true lessons. But by objectively analyzing past wars, we can begin to see the commonalities that commanders can exploit to achieve success.

DROP ZONE: A Cultural Crossroads: Shaping Military Cyber Operations Culture

Organizational culture is central to how a group performs … or fails to. It sets group norms, expectations, and values that shape and focus individual

DROP ZONE: Time to Revisit Nuclear Deterrence Strategy?

US nuclear deterrence strategy must be revised to fit the nature of future conflicts. More coming next week.

DROP ZONE: The Future of Tactical Airlift

The joint operating environment will undergo many changes in the next 10-20 years. The proliferation of disruptive technology will further enhance an adversary’s anti-access and

DROP ZONE: Naval Information Warfare in Multi-Domain Operations

The Defense community is only at the beginning of developing a common understanding and vision for multi-domain operations and strategy. Join us Monday for a special interview with VADM Tighe.

DROP ZONE: Reflexive Control in Modern Warfare

Reflexive control is a term that has recently surfaced as a description of Russian strategic and operational planning and goals. However, as a concept it has been around for ages. More coming on Monday.

DROP ZONE: Effective Use of National Instruments of Power

The lesson will be learned the hard way if the US does not take action to better synchronize the efforts of government-at-large.