DROP ZONE: Logistics in Multi-Domain Operations

Over the Horizon is excited to announce a series of collaborations with experts from partner nations!

DROP ZONE: Why Multi-Domain Operations?

War in the age of technological integration and globalization has eliminated the right of weapons to label war and, with regard to the new starting

DROP ZONE: Decision Making

Innovation continues the quest to provide more perfect information and decrease the risk of making an incorrect decision.

DROP ZONE: Multi-Domain C2

Next week, OTH looks at multi-domain command and control as well as how energy can be leverage as an instrument of national power.

DROP ZONE: Joint Command and Control

Our Services need to mature and lead the drive to Jointness, both across the DOD and the complex American alliance system

Drop Zone: Multi-Domain Operations and the Joint Force

During the next two weeks, OTH will offer several articles to discuss the overall mindset and scope of multi-domain operations.

DROP ZONE: Climate Change and the Impact on Operations

Next week in “Climate Change, Multi-Domain Risk, and the Complexity of Interagency Science Policy” OTH Senior Editor Mark Nexon interviews Dr. April Melvin.

DROPZONE: How Does the Air Force See Multi-Domain Operations?

A new concept, one the Army in particular is meaningfully exploring, is quickly coming into vogue in the Pentagon. Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) looks to combine

DROP ZONE: Looking Backwards in Order to Look Forwards

History may not easily divulge its true lessons. But by objectively analyzing past wars, we can begin to see the commonalities that commanders can exploit to achieve success.

DROP ZONE: A Cultural Crossroads: Shaping Military Cyber Operations Culture

Organizational culture is central to how a group performs … or fails to. It sets group norms, expectations, and values that shape and focus individual

DROP ZONE: Time to Revisit Nuclear Deterrence Strategy?

US nuclear deterrence strategy must be revised to fit the nature of future conflicts. More coming next week.

DROP ZONE: The Future of Tactical Airlift

The joint operating environment will undergo many changes in the next 10-20 years. The proliferation of disruptive technology will further enhance an adversary’s anti-access and

DROP ZONE: Naval Information Warfare in Multi-Domain Operations

The Defense community is only at the beginning of developing a common understanding and vision for multi-domain operations and strategy. Join us Monday for a special interview with VADM Tighe.

DROP ZONE: Reflexive Control in Modern Warfare

Reflexive control is a term that has recently surfaced as a description of Russian strategic and operational planning and goals. However, as a concept it has been around for ages. More coming on Monday.

DROP ZONE: Effective Use of National Instruments of Power

The lesson will be learned the hard way if the US does not take action to better synchronize the efforts of government-at-large.