DROP ZONE: A Cultural Crossroads: Shaping Military Cyber Operations Culture

Organizational culture is central to how a group performs … or fails to. It sets group norms, expectations, and values that shape and focus individual efforts. Organizational culture’s broad influence can determine a group’s innovative potential, how well it integrates and motivates talent, and how it perceives its challenges in the first place.

The military cyber operations community is situated on a cultural cross-roads – a strange intersection where a well defined military culture of order and discipline meets hacker culture that, while not as discipline focused, values curiosity, creativity, and intellectual challenges.

It is a hybrid culture that is still being formed which makes now a useful time to ask: what should it aim for? What features should military cyber operators adopt and shape to make their own?

To engage this topic, on Friday OTH will publish the first article in a series discussing cyber culture and the military. The author, a former military cyber officer and a current startup Chief Technical Officer, is well situated to navigate and bridge the cultures of these disparate groups. The military cyber operations community, having undergone significant growth over the last several years, is still a work in progress. The culture that comes to define it will in large part determine if and how well it meets the grand expectations set for it.


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